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Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the Client’s privacy at any cost is the main privacy policy followed by Yahoo support services. While accessing the website you will come across that the website is subjected to its own terms, conditions and applicable laws. You agree and accept the terms and conditions of our website by providing information of you during services usage, on website, email, and chat session or via phone.

Impressive & Economical

The issues occurred with your business etc. will be solved utmost care and support with the help of highly capable Yahoo support team. We make sure that the transparency is maintained with the information provided by you. In case there are few questions, feedbacks, complaints, suggestions or comments related to our privacy policy, Contact us. The issue will be solved right away without any delay. We are thankful to these policies and Yahoo support center for your support.

Personal Information

You will to provide few personal information such as your name, email id, phone number etc. while accessing the website. The information provided by you is helpful in providing you full support, providing proper advice on your requests, to advise you good plans, newsletters, services, special offers etc. via phone or email. During the session and even after the information provided by you will be safe.

There will be instances when our expert team would have to access your computer remotely if there is any problem with your computer. You have to make that you have an active internet connection for getting remote supports. The computer of yours will be remotely accessed with your permission and not without it by our Yahoo tech support. The team is skilled technicians who have expertise in remotely accessing your computer. The confidential information stored on your computers or networks will be safe. It is recommended that you remain near your system when we remotely access your computer by our internal privacy policy.

We may use cookies or other similar methods for providing better service to you. The technologies are used to improve these services day by day. We aim to maintain privacy of our clients and usage of cookies will cause no harm to your personal information.

In protecting privacy and security of users we take utmost care and cautions. The information which is provided by users is well encrypted. There is best encryption software to protect and encrypt the sensible information like your credit card number. About any security issues users need not to worry. The information is protected with end to end encryption and is not disclosed online.

We have the right to change the privacy policy at any time. You accept to our terms and condition s without qualifications by using and accessing our website.

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