5 Common Issues that You Face in Yahoo Mail

There is no doubt that Yahoo is one of the best email service providers in the world but despite the fact users face few issues related with their Yahoo mail account. Yahoo mail try to resolve the problems by providing latest update of their application but there are some common issues which has not reduced even after the updates. Yahoo Support Phone Number is just a call away to resolve the various issues you are facing in your Yahoo mail account. Some of the most common issues faced by users in Yahoo mail are as follows:

  • The setting of mail message: There are instances when users find difficulties in dealing with the setting of mail message. There are issues like you are not able to remove an email as you are not able to locate delete button.
  • Issues in Sending Emails: This is the issue which users face not always but sometimes. And sometimes this issue hurt each one of us. You try sending mails to your Yahoo mail contacts but sending does not get completed as it was destined. There could be plenty of different reasons for the occurrence of this issue and need expert guidance for removing the issues.
  • Difficulties in Facing Older Mails: This is very common issue which nearly all users come across while accessing their Yahoo mail account. This issue is also known as error 45. There are times when we don’t consider some mails important and later we realize it’s important and try to find it. But we are not able to find older mails in our Yahoo mail account due to occurrence of this issue.
  • Slow Response in Yahoo mail: This error result in slow or non response of yahoo mail account which occurs mainly during sending of mails through Yahoo mail.
  • Unable to Attach Attachments: This error can be really frustrating for users who have to send some important attachments along with the mail.

In order to resolve these common issues or any other issues related with your Yahoo mail contact experts at Yahoo Customer Service Number.

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